Our surf house is suitable for all levels whethere you are a biginnere or intermidiates in surfing . You want to improve your self . Make sure you will find your happineess with us .

Our accommodation offers a wide range of rooms option (single, double, twin, triple, quad) making it the perfect choice for everybody.


Share room

Triple room

Double/Twice room

Suite room / Private bathroom

In addition to surf lessons, the Surf Package includes daily breakfast and lunch and dinner, prepared by Surfstyle-Morocco’s in-house chef. The meals are healthy and delicious, with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Guests can also use the shared kitchen to prepare their own meals if they prefer.

Surfstyle-Morocco’s Surf Package is a great option for anyone looking to learn to surf or improve their skills in a beautiful and welcoming setting. With comfortable accommodation, experienced instructors, and delicious meals included, guests can focus on enjoying the waves and the laid-back surf culture of Tamraght Beach.

The Food


The rooms

Surf package

The Surf package in Tamraght will provide you with a local surf guide to take you surfing on Morocco’s best waves. Take advantage of the expertise of our local guides to access world-class waves, while enjoying the comfort of one of our seaside resorts. The purpose of this package is to enable you to surf the best waves possible for your capabilities.

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